"As project manager for the FITZROY Cable Route Survey I would like to thank you and your colleagues for helping EGS bring in a major project.

With demanding clients, multiple contractors and multiple vessels to complete this on time and in such a safe and professional manner is testimony to everyone’s efforts and professionalism.

Throughout, communications, assistance and responses have made this project the success that it is and I very much value each and everyone’s contribution.”

Anthony Pyne, General Manager, EGS Survey Pty Ltd

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email. The work we did onboard the Empress went extremely well, in no small part due to the Empress crew. They were extremely professional and accommodating and we very much enjoyed working with them.” 

Dr Justin Q Welsh, Marine Scientist – GISSpecialist, MScience Pty Ltd

"Management was always prompt in dealing with logistics and pre trip documentation.

Vessel crew were extremely efficient and always accommodated proposed working hours. They also worked hard during down times on general maintenance and cleaning.Vessel was kept neat and tidy at all times.

Deep draft meant vessel was stable in rough conditions allowing completion of work scopes ahead of time.

The management and crew of Empress were very enthusiastic and always responded quickly and effectively to job requirements. They completed all required scopes ahead of time and without issue."

Dr James A Stoddart,Principal Marine Scientist, MScience Pty Ltd

"You may have had some feedback already, but Chevron are about as impressed as possible with the Empress and her crew. Both in terms of willingness to help and performance against quarantine and safety standards.

Could you please pass on a big well done to your guys – and from us to you.It makes our life much easier when we get support like this."

Dr James A Stoddart, Principal Marine Scientist, MScience Pty Ltd

"Thank you everyone for your great work and commitment to successfully completing the field component of this year’s hatchling survey. We collected some great data and I’m sure everyone enjoyed their time aboard the Empress.”

Julian Neurauter, Environmental Advisor – Terrestrial & Marine, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd

"Let me just take this opportunity to say that it was yet again a pleasure to work with you and the Empress, we again received nothing but good feedback on the performance of the vessel and the crew and I have no doubt that next time we are in Australia you will be at the top of our list of chase vessel companies. I look forward to working with you again.”

Mladen Nikolic, Support Vessel Supervisor, Polarcus DMCC

"I want to say I am most impressed with the Master (Muzza) and crew members. You guys are doing a sterling job in terms of managing the vessel, its clients, and you are all showing great behaviours in terms of vigilance to safety (to crew and client), knowledge of your vessel management plan (this was demonstrated by Master and crew without prompting by Chevron), and also a commendable interest in the work we are doing. Also your health program is the way to go in terms of maintaining a healthy team and team spirit (yes I survived the workouts!).

Most impressive is the ‘can do’ attitude everyone has to helping us out. Thank you."

Dr Dorian Moro, Ecologist, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd

"It was a pleasure to work with you guys through the entire campaign – this is the quality we are looking for. Should Alima be back to Australia any time this year or the beginning of next we will be in touch to call for another successful project and develop our professional relationship further.”

Stanislav Mikhaylov, Polarcus DMCC